Dojo rules

Come to the dojo only if you are completely healthy.
Do not disturb class in anyway. Practitioners must follow coach's instructions. If someone behaves differently, the coach has the right to remove him/her from the dojo.
Bow when entering and leaving the dojo.
Practice good personal hygiene. Wash hands and feet before and after class. Keep your finger and toe nails clean and short for safety reasons.
Long hair should be tied back and no jewelry should be worn in class. It is not recommended to leave any valuables in the locker rooms, you can bring valuables to the edge of the dojo. Silence all electronic devices and phones.
If you arrive to class late, wait until the coach acknowledges you. Once acknowledged, perform bow and join the class.
Do not leave class without permission (even for water). Its about respect and the coaches are responsible for your safety.
Take responsibility for the cleanliness of the dojo. All training equipment should be put away neatly in its proper spot, after whoever uses it.
You are always responsible for your partner’s safety, and they are responsible for yours. Safety first!
Always be respectful to others inside and outside of the dojo.
Never use the skills you have been taught against any persons except for the defence of yourself, your family or friends in the instance of extreme danger or unprovoked attack.