Kokkolan Budo ry

Kokkolan Budo, founded in 1993, is a club representing various martial arts. Over the years, Kokkolan Budo has offered a range of disciplines including Judo, Karate, Kickboxing, and BJJ. Karate was a part of the club from the very beginning before transitioning into its own independent club at the beginning of 2024. Currently, the club offers two disciplines: BJJ and Judo.

Address: Asentajantie 13, 67600 Kokkola
Account number: FI65 2011 1800 1669 52
Business ID: 1944065-5


Chairman: Niko Koivisto (BJJ)

Secretary: Niko Hartikainen (BJJ)
Treasurer: Meira Ylitalo (BJJ)

Board member: Tomi Niemi (Karate)
Board membern: Niko Töyräskoski (BJJ)
Board member: Toni Salmela (BJJ)

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